Salvage Cellar

Salvage Cellar



The Salvage Cellar has been created to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase items that do not fit into our usual stock profile at a one-off, heavily discounted price.  These items are perfectly usable but due to damage or unsuitability for our main stock are being sold “as is”.  We feel confident, however, that the items which appear in the Salvage Cellar are perfectly usable and we will be happy to point out the extent of any damage or shop soiling that may not be obvious from the images.

These items may range from restorable instruments and bows to cases and various miscellaneous items. 

You never know what will turn up, so, check the Salvage Cellar regularly for the opportunity to purchase something special or unusual at a highly attractive price.  To get the best value from anything you see in our Cellar, please call into our Collingwood shop or order online. 

SHOULDER RESTS - "almost new"

We currently have one Kun Original 1/2 - 3/4 violin shoulder rest (RRP is $64.00), one Wolfe Forte Secondo violin shoulder rest (RRP is $56.95), one Wolfe Forte Primo viola shoulder rest (RRP is $54.95).  These shoulder rests are selling for only $35.00 each. We generally have a variety of second hand shoulder rests available for sale – if you are interested give us a ring and we will check what is available.

Sale of CELLO BRIDGES (surplus to our requirements). All bridges are 90 mm nominal (standard); all are semi fitted (or “trim and fit” as they are sometimes called) so require minimal fitting.

a. Aubert #14 Belgian style – RRP $39.95 each; Sale price 2 for $15.00 + P&P

b. Despiau ‘C’ Belgian style – RRP $37.00 each; Sale price 6 for $55.00 + P&P

c. Despiau ‘A’ Belgian style – RRP $99.00 each; Sale price 3 for $75.00 + P&P

d. Despiau ‘C’ French style – RRP $37.00 each; Sale price 8 for $75.00 + P&P