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July 2018

Violin - Thomas Perry

Bow rehairs

Violin cases

May 2018

        Cello - Joseph Klotz school

        Viola - John Barrett School

         Sanguine Estate Music Festival, Heathcote


Dec 2017

         Instrument set-up

         2 violins made in Melbourne by Frantisek Zivec

         CD reviews: Zoe Black and Joe Chindamo


Aug 2017

         Some thoughts on instrument safety and security

         A feature on one of our violas

         A second hand case for sale


May 2017

         Deroux violin

         Musilia violin cases

         New Australian rosin


December 2016


Cello Cases


September 2016

Emil Hjorth and Sons violin, Copenhagen 1911

Bow Bugs


July 2016

INSTRUMENT FEATURE: 1923 Italian violin, made in Aristide Cavalli’s "Monteverde" workshop

VIOLIN CASE: BAM 'Performance'

UPDATE: Travel Restrictions for Ivory


May 2016

Austrian violin, mid-1700s

Travel restrictions for certain materials found in some instruments


March 2016

All about E strings


December 2015 

Some Christmas gift ideas


November 2015

         Farewell to our Hawthorn store

         Some string options for small violins


October 2015

        Eberle violin


September 2015 

Three fine/advanced cellos

Violin and Bow Makers of Australia

Rosins (Part 2)

Updates from Flinders and Tinalley Quartets


June 2015 

Bow cases

All about rosin

A little about viola sizes


May Sale, 2015


March 2015

Instruments new to our stores

Wooden music stands

El Sistema and Grant Violins

String quartet concert


December 2014

What size cello to play

Alex out and about

Thomastik strings - Vision and Peter Infeld

Comparing violin mutes

CD review - Tinalley String Quartet

GL violin cases


September 2014

What size violin should I play ... What size violin is it?

Larsen Magnacore cello strings

Flinders Quartet

2014 Cello Challenge

Recent staff changes

Fine instruments at our Hawthorn store



June 2014

The pointy end of the cello

Fine instruments at Alex Grant Violins

Victorian music camps

Recent staff changes

Updating the website


March 2014

Warning for musicians travelling to USA!

Rental Instruments at Alex Grant Violins

Fine instruments at Alex Grant Violins

What happens when you rehair a bow

2014 Adelaide International Cello Festival


December 2013

Arco Bows: Now in Stock

Hagen Weiss Violins

Spotlight on summer schools

These are a few of our favourite... strings!

Rockin' Rosin


September 2013

Alex and Marina in Hungary

Peter Guan Instruments

Traversing the bridge

Firebird Trio


June 2013

On selecting the right instrument

No chamber music evening... but other exciting things!

Fun Things!


April 2013

Ebony - An Endangered Species

What does a CITES listing mean for players?

New at Grant Violins

Corpus Medicorum

Back to the start


December 2012

In the workshop - plaster casting

AMEB books now in stock

Christmas gift ideas

Evah Pirazzi Gold

Christmas chamber music evening


September 2012

Handel, Schubert and Grant Violins

Finkel Bows

Colour! Everest shoulder rests, Magic Pads, Vivacello endpin rests

Supporting local ensembles

A violinist's toy shop