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26 November 2019 was the implementation date for the CITES rosewood exemption.

Cites Travelling Restrictions!

The latest news on restrictions that may apply to you when travelling overseas with your instrument or bow.

Ebony, an Emerging Crisis!

A guide to the the many different types of E strings available today.

Ebony, an Emerging Crisis!

Ebony was recently listed in CITES Appendix II as an endangered species.

Two Inches From Total Destruction

A scroll repair following a close encounter with a bus.

Young Musician’s Guide

The young musician’s guide to looking after your violin, viola or cello.


A brief outline on rosins.

A Background on Bows

An adaption of an article written by Alex Grant which first appeared in Stringendo magazine.

The Violin - A Potted History

A short background on the development of the violin family.

Pernambuco and the CITES Appendix II Listing

Pernambuco and the CITES Appendix II Listing