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  1. Medium Jargar

    Jargar Cello A String

    Regular Price: A$50.95

    Special Price: A$45.85

    The production of Jargar viola strings is based on a special, flexible steel core. The strings are wound with thin threads of metal – aluminium, copper and different alloys which produce a big, powerful, distinct and well balanced tone.

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  2. Jarger D

    Jargar Cello D String

    Regular Price: A$54.95

    Special Price: A$49.45

    Jargar D Cello String

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  3. Jargar G

    Jargar Cello G String

    Regular Price: A$59.95

    Special Price: A$53.95

    Jargar G Cello String

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  4. Jargar C

    Jargar Cello C String

    Regular Price: A$66.95

    Special Price: A$60.25

    Jargar C Cello String

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4 Item(s)

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