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Violin Cases

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  1. FPS Shaped Violin Case

    FPS Shaped Violin Case


    FPS Student Violin Caseis ideal for the student looking for a sturdy, affordable case.

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  2. Manufactum

    Gewa Concerto Violin Case


    The Concerto shaped violin case by Gewa has a highly compressed thermo shell.

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  3. Bobelock  Shaped Violin Case

    Bobelock Shaped Violin Case


    The Bobelock shaped violin case offers durability, protection and style without the bulk and weight of an oblong style case.

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  4. Hiscox Shaped Violin Case

    Hiscox Shaped Violin Case


    The Hiscox Liteflite violin case is a good, strong, compact case for travellers.

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  5. Bobelock Student

    Bobelock Student Violin Case


    The Bobelock Student violin case combines an attractive velour interior with a light canvas cover. A great choice for anyone wanting a sturdy Bobelock violin case.

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  6. Bam Classic III Violin Case

    Bam Classic III Violin Case


    The Classic III is a new design from Bam - it is a compact, slim looking violin case.

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  7. Bam Stylus Violin Case

    Bam Stylus Violin Case


    The Stylus violin case is reinforced with an ABS structure. In a process developed by Bam, the inside is made of high density foam injected around a mold in the shape of the instrument, protecting the violin against thermal shocks.

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  8. Slimline Prestige

    Bobelock Slim Prestige Violin Case


    The Bobelock Slim Prestige oblong violin case comprises a five layered plywood shell, covered with a durable nylon canvas zipped cover featuring brass external fixtures.

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  9. Bam Hightech Slim Violin Case

    Bam Hightech Slim Violin Case


    The shell of the Hightech Slim case is made utilising Bam's Hightech manufacturing technique ensuring that the case is ultra-light weight and offers outstanding protection.

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  10. Bam Hightech Overhead Violin Case

    Bam Hightech Overhead Violin Case


    The Bam Hightech Overhead Violin Case has been specifically designed to cater for the violinist who travels. The dimensions of this case comply with airline carry-on restrictions and can be carried as hand luggage in the airplane. Learn More
  11. GL Violin Combi case

    GL Violin Combi case


    GL Violin Combi hard shell case.

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  12. Bam Hightech Contoured Violin Case

    Bam Hightech Contoured Violin Case


    The compact sized Hightech "Shaped" or Contoured violin case is made from a three ply shell incorporating an Airex core which makes the case very rigid as well as extremely lightweight, weighing just 1.6 kg.

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  13. Bam Hightech Oblong Violin Case

    Bam Hightech Oblong Violin Case


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    The Hightech oblong violin case has a large removable exterior pocket. Its ultra light shell, with an Airex core, is made from a combination of high performance materials.

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