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  1. Tubing for Wolf Shoulder Rest

    Tubing For Wolf Shoulder Rest


    Tubing for Wolf shoulder rest feet

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  2. Tubing For Kun Shoulder Rest

    Tubing For Kun Shoulder Rest


    Tubing for Kun shoulder rest feet - sold in pairs

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  3. Mach One Spare Foot

    Mach One Spare Foot


    The Mach One spare foot is available in 25mm or 30mm long.

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  4. Wolf Spare Foot

    Wolf Shoulder Rest Foot and Screw


    Spare Foot and screw for Wolf Shoulder Rest

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  5. Kun Shoulder Rest Foot

    Kun Shoulder Rest Foot


    Kun Shoulder Rest Foot available in Extra Long or Short lengths.

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  6. Johnson Shoulder Rest

    Johnson Shoulder Rest


    Johnson shoulder rests are ideal for student players. Made from strong black plastic and foam and based on the Kun style.

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  7. Tido Shoulder Rest for Viola

    Tido Shoulder Rest for Viola


    The very attractive Tido shoulder rest is made of maple. It is well priced, making it affordable to all players.

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  8. Mach One Shoulder Rest

    Mach One Shoulder Rest


    With its very curvaceous design, the Mach One shoulder rests are available in either lightweight wood or plastic. Available for violin or viola.

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  9. Kun Mini Shoulder Rest

    Kun Mini Shoulder Rest


    The Kun Mini 1/4 - 1/8 size shoulder rest has the contoured design common to most of the Kun range; this makes it one of the most comfortable and practical shoulder rests available.

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  10. Kun Original Shoulder Rest

    Kun Original Shoulder Rest


    The Kun Original has a flexible, contoured design making it one of the most comfortable and practical shoulder rests available.

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  11. Play On Air Shoulder Rest

    Play On Air Shoulder Rest


    The Play On Air is an inflatable, air-filled cushion that attaches at the sides of the violin. Ideal for young students. The model and price shown is the Deluxe Jumbo. Not all models are available, please contact us before ordering to check availability and price.

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  12. Kun Collapsible Shoulder Rest

    Kun Collapsible Shoulder Rest


    Modelled on the Kun Original, the innovative Kun Collapsible has "feet" that fold down for easy carrying and storage, and incorporate Kun's patented locking device.

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  13. Wolf Forte Secondo Shoulder Rest

    Wolf Forte Secondo Shoulder Rest


    The Wolf Forte Secondo shoulder rest has a curved design and is height and width adjustable.

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  14. Wolf Forte Primo Shoulder Rest

    Wolf Forte Primo Shoulder Rest


    Wolf Forte Primo shoulder rest is height adjustable with swivelling legs.

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  15. Kun Super Shoulder Rest

    Kun Super Shoulder Rest


    The Kun Super shoulder rest features an elegant, streamlined shape, and simplified size-adjusting mechanism to permit very fine adjustment.

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  16. Wolf Superflex Shoulder Rest

    Wolf Superflex Shoulder Rest


    The Wolf Superflex is adjustable in width and height and has long been a favourite of professional violinists and violists.

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  17. Bonmusica Shoulder Rest

    Bonmusica Shoulder Rest


    The Bonmusica shoulder rest is becoming a very popular choice due to the hooked end that sits over your shoulder and helps with stability.

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  18. Kun Bravo Shoulder Rest

    Kun Bravo Shoulder Rest


    Kun Bravo Shoulder Rest is handcrafted in Italy from European flamed maple, the Bravo has exceptional aesthetic appeal, while its polished brass ends are fully adjustable and incorporate Kun's patented locking device.

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  19. Kun Voce Shoulder Rest

    Kun Voce Shoulder Rest


    Created from authentic aerospace-grade carbon fibre, which offers enhanced acoustic properties, the Voce is strong, aesthetically appealing and Kun's lightest weight rest.

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  20. Pirastro Korfker Shoulder Rest

    Pirastro Korfker Shoulder Rest


    The new shoulder rest from Pirastro reduces the dampening effect experienced by many heavier shoulder rests and allows the violin to resonate more freely.

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